Home Development Tanzania: Mini-Grids to Power 40,000 Homes

Tanzania: Mini-Grids to Power 40,000 Homes


PowerCorner Tanzania has made plans to connect 40,000 homes across Tanzania with electricity by 2020 using mini-grids. PowerCorner Tanzania was established in 2015 to bring electricity to rural areas across the country.

according to Frederic Madry, managing director of PowerCorner Tanzania, connection charges will not be more than $1,000 per village with a total cost of  $140,000 for the entire project.

Ketumbeine, a village in Longido district was the first to village to be supplied with electricity under the scheme. About 60 households have already been connected to electricity from the mini-grid. 20 more homes will join the already connected households next month. The mini-grid at Ketumbeine is expected to power up a total of 120 households in the near future.

The electricity generated by the 16 KW mini power plant comes from solar panels that are backed up by diesel generators.