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Paper made from elephant dung


While poachers are hunting Elephants for their tusks, some local firms in Kenya are looking for the stuff that comes from the other side of the animal, elephant dung.

Kenyan entrepreneur John Matano, along with 17 other companies, collects Elephant dung that he turns into quality paper. Mr. Matano employs 42 people and makes an annual profit of about $40.000.

While you would think that turning elephant dung into paper would be quite difficult, John Matano says that its not hard at all and is actually quite easy.

elephant dung paper

The Elephant dung which is full of grass and other plant fibres is thoroughly washed after which its boiled for 4 hours to ensure it is clean. After this cleaning process the paper is made in the same way as normal paper.

An elephant has to eat about 250kg of food each day and about 50kg of pooh is produced by the elephant. 50kg of pooh makes about 125 A4 size sheets of paper. The price and quality is similar to normal paper adding the bonus that no trees need to be cut down.

The good thing about paper made from Elephant dung is that it is saving nearby forests from being destroyed and helping to save Kenya’s remaining 7000 elephants.