Fuse ODG, an Afrobeats artist from Ghana recently released the single Jinja and is using it for a good cause, The Jinja Challenge. #JinjaChallenge

The Jinja Challenge is aims to raise £250,000.00 by April 2017 to help build a new secondary school in Akosombo in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Example video

Step 1- Watch example video above
Step 2- Click here to donwload Jinja pack
Step 3- Download the zip file titled Jinja Challenge. This includes:

Fuse ODG-Jinja official viral audio
Example video
Intro template
Outro template
Winner prize

Step 4- Follow the instructions carefully in the files provided and post up your entry.

The best entries will be re-posted on OffDaGroundTV YouTube channel.

Votes will be counted according to the video entry that generates the most donations on the GoFundMe page.

In order to vote, you must first donate. Once you’ve made your donation, you will be given the option in the ‘Thank You’ email to comment on your donation. Please comment on your donation with the name of the dance entry that you want to win.
Encourage your friends and family to donate and vote for your entry.

The first entry to the Jinja challenge