The Kenyan running shoe; Enda (meaning “Go!”in Swahili) is a social enterprise founded to bring Kenyan athletic greatness to runners around the world, and to bring sustainable income to Kenya. Enda was founded in 2015 as a Benefit Corporation by Navalayo (Nava) Osembo-Ombati and Weldon Kennedy.

the shoes dont just look good they are also very well designed and are based on the advice, skills, and experiences of great Kenyan athletes.

They have been developing the running shoe for over a year and they have strictly followed two principles:

First: “We knew our shoe had to be worthy of the Kenyan running tradition, which is second to none. We relied on expert craftsmanship and the best available materials at every turn in order to produce a top quality shoe.”


Second: “We wanted a shoe that meets the needs of runners around the world by incorporating lessons from running in Kenya.”

How they are made

The long term goal is for all components of Enda shoes to be made start to finish in Kenya. Sadly, a great deal of the equipment necessary to make a great running shoe simply can’t be found in Kenya. So they started simple, with a plan to build on as they go.

This means that, initially, they will be sourcing the component pieces from Asia, and then building the shoes and packaging them in Kenya. For the components they are using two excellent facilities in China that also produce running shoes for other major international running shoe brands.

It started out as an idea to make a truly Kenyan running shoe. In the 18 months since that start, they have worked with talented and experienced shoe designers, developers, and professional runners to create the ultimate running shoe.



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