Sometimes when I tell people that I come from Africa they ask me if I grew up living in a hut or if my school was under a tree.

It can be quite frustrating to explain to people that while there are people living in mud huts or that outside classrooms still exist, most, if not all countries in Africa have had the luxuries that European countries have, and they have had them for a long time.

Below are some pictures to prove that.

some guys posing with cars

Empire Cinema Zanzibar 1950s
Nairobi 1950
Maurice Michaux grocery (Now Kinshasa). Congo 1942
The East African Standard Building in Nairobi 1940s
The Sultan of Zanzibar 1920s
Kilindini Harbour Mombasa 1956
Memling building
Nairobi Parking Lot 1954

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