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Snail farming, Africa’s new gold


Many farmers despise them as they can ruin entire fields of crops but some in Africa have found a new market for the garden pests. Snail farming is what Ghana’s locals refer to as Ghana’s new gold. Giant Africa Land Snails are also growing in popularity in Kenya where one farmer harvests up to 12 thousand snails a year. One big snail can fetch up to 10 USD!

Snail farming is a very lucrative business with quite a few international organizations sponsoring many farmers to grow snails.

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Its relatively easy to start farming snails because the process is quite quick, all you need a good piece of land, one without termite or ants as they eat the snails before they get the chance to grow. After  Constructing a pen house a process of selecting a good breed of snails begins, this is done by weighing the snails, the heavier the better.

A single female can lay up to 500 eggs, the eggs are then transferred to a hatchery where they take 21 to 30 days before they hatch. The hatchlings are then covered with mosquito nets to prevent mosquitos and other insects from killing them. They stay in the hatchery for 4 months after which they are ready for sale.

The bigger snails can fetch up to 10 usd.

Other than being a delicacy in a many countries they also pack quite a few health benefits, some of these include the energy vitamin also known as B12. Snails are also a good source of Iron, protein and magnesium.

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Snail farming is perhaps the most convenient form of farming, it can be done on a small piece of land and the snails are fed leaves that grow naturally on the land.