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8 African business ideas for a low budget


Africa is classified as a poor continent. How can that be?

There are so many opportunities to make money, even if you are on a low budget. Our purpose is to simulate your mind, here are 8 low budget African business ideas that will hopefully encourage you to start your next business.


Making soap is a very easy process, all the materials and ingredients are readily available at the market and are very cheap to buy. Cheap and easy to make within your home means that soap making is a very good business.

Snail farming

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Many people would never want to touch even touch a snail, let alone breed them and while in most Africans cant find a use for them, there are companies and people that pay up to 10 usd for a Giant African Land snail.

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Fruit farming

With a bit more capital you can become a farmer.

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Mobile phone charging service

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Africa’s demand for electricity is huge and growing like never before. Why? Growing urban population and they all need a place to charge their phones. There are not 650 million phones on the continent.

Imagine the possibilities if you combine this idea with a drinks, food and free wifi.

Printing service

The growing urban population are look for work and not all of them have printers at home to print out their resumes or cover letters. This service could also be combined with number 4 on this list.

Fish farming

Fish farming is not easy and it takes time to perfect, but when you figure out how your fish will survive, it can be a very lucrative business, also providing a stable source of food.

Meat grinding

In many African countries, minced meat can be quite expensive, sometimes even as expensive as the meat itself. Now if you find a way to cheaply grind meat and package this, there is definitely a market for that.


With Africa’s growing expat community the demand for quality bread is rising. A quick search on google will provide you with easy and fast ways to bake bread. If you can produce quality bread, like the bread people are used to in their home countries, you could do business with  many high end hotels.

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