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6 African tech startups to remember


 “in Africa, necessity is the mother of invention”  South African tech writer and speaker Toby Shapshak

There is a boom in exciting new tech startups in Africa. We have hand picked 6 African tech starups that we will watch in 2016.

1. Waabeh

Waabeh, pronounced as “Wah-bay” is Africa’s music and audio market fully stocked with the freshest sounds coming out of Africa. It’s available as a Web and Android app.

Waabeh [Noun] means “Awesome” or “Cool” in Sheng, a language spoken across Kenya that’s a hybrid English, Swahili and Local dialects.

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2. Kytabu

Kytabu is a leasing application for textbooks that are preinstalled on a device that is affordable and accessible to middle and low income families. The application that works on tablets and computers, is designed to be simple, practical and interactive while providing a new channel to access learning material that comes as a requirement for children learning in a government curriculum environment. Using mobile money transactions built into the application, a student can access fractured content (a page, a chapter or a book) for various timeframes (an hour, day, week, month or school term) and pay a fraction of the price if they got the book from a book store.

The objective of Kytabu is to help students in the developing world to leapfrog the limitations infrastructure and cost have placed on the access and use of learning content in a developing world context.

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3. Wumdrop

With WumDrop and the click of a button you can get anything picked up or dropped off, anywhere, anytime, immediately.

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4. Gamsole

Gamsole is a Nigerian-born mobile game production company. Gamsole creates games for windows, android and java platform, their games have been downloaded 15 million times across these platforms.

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5. Mall for Africa

MallforAfrica is Africa’s global e-commerce solution. They provide Africans a platform through which to purchase items directly from international online retailers – companies that, otherwise, would be inaccessible to the African population. Their patent pending app, platform, and payment system give users access to hundreds of US and UK e-commerce retailers and more than 8.5 billion products combined.

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6. Kivuko

Online shopping.

Kivuko First Intoduced E-commerce in Tanzania, and continues to pioneer E-commerce through provisoin of high quality services, high quality and genuine products and customer support and services.

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