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3 African Mobile games you should be playing!


Africa is not technologically challenged any more. There are a good number of studios and individuals that are creating quality mobile games that we should all give a try.

The True Ananse – Ghana

The True Ananse, is about Kweku Ananse and is created by Leti Arts. a contemporary reimagining of the ancient tale of the African trickster god that are said to originate from the Ashanti culture in Ghana.

Dark Project

Play a star trooper sent to investigate the disappearance of a research team sent to the planet Deltora to determine the possibility of the planet being inhabitable. Upon you’re arrival, you soon learn that something has gone horribly wrong and need to face the darkness equipped with weapons and your trusty flashlight and search for the team fighting off mutants and zombies.

Download the game for android here.

Mind Dead – Nigeria

Play as Max Cooper, an SSF agent whose journey to a deserted oil producing community with a group of scientists has led to an outbreak of infection.Fight hard for survival with an array of weaponry at your disposal as you battle the hordes of fierce flesh eating infected in this action horror game.

Get the game for android here!

If you know more games that should be noted let us know and we will make a new list!